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TWiki Administration

The current implementation of TWiki is designed to never forget. So you can't delete a topic, however you can move or rename a topic and the original information is saved in topic meta data. If you want an even stronger memory, you can disable renaming on some or all topics; see TWikiAccessControl.

How to add a New Web

How to Rename or Delete a Web

  • It is advisable not to rename the TWiki.Main web.
  • Be aware that other webs might link to the web you want to rename / delete. Search each web for links to this web, i.e. search all webs for Obsolete. (include the period, this is to find topics like Obsolete.SomeTopic ). Take measures if necessary.
  • Edit the TWikiPreferences topic and rename / delete the web from the WIKIWEBLIST variable.
  • Edit the TWikiWebsTable topic and rename / delete the web from the table.
  • Telnet to the TWiki installation.
  • cd to twiki/data and rename / delete the web directory.
  • cd to twiki/templates and rename / delete the web directory if present.
  • cd to twiki/pub and rename / delete the web directory if present.

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