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Managing Webs

Adding, renaming and deleting webs is done directly on the server


Managing TWiki webs requires direct access to the installation files on the host server. There are no browser-based web tools.

How to Add a New Web

Adding new webs is quick and easy - you can have a basic web up and running in a couple of minutes:

  1. Create a new directory under twiki/data/, ex: twiki/data/newweb
  2. Copy in the contents of twiki/data/_default.

For detailed instructions: TWiki Installation Guide: Creating a New Web.

How to Rename or Delete a Web

NOTE: Think twice if you intend to rename the TWiki.Main web, since many files point to it. If you rename it, you also have to change all occurrences of Main to the new web name (like the web prefixes for all user signatures, Main.SomeName). (On the other hand, if the %MAINWEB% variable is used throughout, you won't have that problem.)

  1. Prepare your site: Other webs may link to the web you want to rename or delete. Search each web for links to the target web: search all webs for Abouttochange. - include the period to find topics like Abouttochange.SomeTopic. Make changes as required.
  2. Edit the TWikiPreferences topic: Rename or delete the web from the WIKIWEBLIST variable.
  3. Edit the TWikiWebsTable topic: Rename or delete the web from the table.
  4. Connect to the TWiki server: Login via Telnet or FTP.
  5. Edit the data files: Go to twiki/data and rename or delete the web directory.
  6. Edit the template files: Go to twiki/templates and rename or delete the web directory if present.
  7. Edit the public files: Go to twiki/pub and rename or delete the web directory if present.

-- MikeMannix? - 29 Aug 2001



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