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What is Windows Registry? And why does it need to have cleaning? Well, the Windows registry is a directory which shops all of the significant hardware and operations settings for Microsoft Windows operating systems i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. This registry may get corrupted over time and bog your computer down. To remedy this, the registry must be cleaned, just the same way the good old fashion registry room must be dusted.

The method used to fix this is to undertake a Registry scan and then clear or repair the registry. As hinted the registry may be corrupted over time, simply by using it, and by spyware, viruses or the action of installing and removing software programs. Yes, when removing software not all programmes are taken away; instead invalid documents are left in the registry. The end result o is that you're going to notice that your PC get slower, doesn't load applications, gets pc errors, suffers inexplicable system crashes and eventually gets the dreaded blue screen. This in most cases means that your Windows registry needs cleaning. You can easily edit this registry yourself but it is strongly recommended that if you’re not an expert then leave it alone! Careless modifying may cause irreversible damage to your personal computer - and expensive repair bills.

And since you only need to use this a few times a year, you will definitely not desire to spend too much money. You can find good packages that can repair windows registry for $25 -$35 per annum which is not a nasty price for a clean, faster, smoother laptop and peace of mind. There are many registry cleaners for Windows and a search will definitely reveal very good registry cleaners. But you might want to look for a syllabus that's backed by technological help and which puts security first. I know this because I am in the medical field, and with the vast array of computers like Medical grade tablet and Windows tablet medical we can ill afford computer malfunctions.

I am talking from experience, you know! But sorry I can’t give the details and I think you know why. All I can say is that I bought a lovely Medical windows tablet pc at http://www.cybernetman.com/en/Windows-Tablet/ and forgot to clean the registry and it eventually crashed.

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