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She is an internet marketer who loves to visit new places and meet different people. Through her travel experiences, she used them as a tool to effectively market the lighting products her company has entrusted on her. She loves to join in the blogging community and express her thoughts about the best travel destinations and their inspiring decorations to the enthusiastic young designers. As a marketer, she enjoys surfing the web and communicating with the most prospective costumers and dealing with their concerns. In representing her company, she ensures accuracy and effectiveness in her details to correctly deliver the message across. She is a very good and direct individual. And she is fun to be with.

About where she works...

http://www.buytikitorches.comLegends Direct, Buytikitorches, a member of AGI Group, Inc., is the web's largest online selection of original tiki torches, patio heaters, party lights and fire pits that are direct from the manufacturers to you. Legends Direct home improvement tiki products are the best adornment in the outdoors or even indoors, only with caution, that are capable in transforming ordinary home into tropical beach paradise. The uniqueness of every tiki torch and fire pit when lighted evokes different aura and atmosphere in the complete simple setting. Thus, this makes Buytikitorches.com the number one online store choice of outdoor embellishment. Visit http://www.buytikitorches.com to find more inspiring home decors.

Facebook: AGIGroupcom Twitter: agigroup

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LastName: Howard
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