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David Haenel is a lawyer from Finebloom & Haenel P.A. specializing in Traffic Ticket and Criminal Defense. Through the years, he has acquired an experience in fighting against different criminal offenses and traffic cases in Florida.

He was given an award as a DUI Prosecutor of the Year in 2004. At present, he is defending clients who are involved in cases such as traffic tickets, dui, traffic violations and charges, suspension of license and many more cases that can be found in their website http://www.fightyourdui.com . Skills through the years that he has acquired has been helpful for people involved in such cases. As an indication of excellence, Haenel rates 10/10 by clients and other lawyers from the site Avvo.com. David Haenel was also given the title "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers magazine. In addition to this, he is a lecturer in different states in Florida on topics like dui, breath testing and other related topics.

Haenel acquired his education from Law from Law School of Widener and a masters in law from SUNY Buffalo School of Law. He is also a proud member of different prestigious associations like Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Sarasota County Bar Association.

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