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Price Benowitz LLP is a law firm who aims to fight the rights of their clients. It is based in Washington DC and has offices in Virginia and Maryland. You can check its website at http://www.virginia-personalinjurylawyer.com where you can find many useful information. They are helping those who were victims of other people negligence and careless acts. They are taking pride in handling successful cases related to personal injury and criminal charges. It has Virginia Car Accident Lawyer and Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer who is ready to hear your voice through a free consultation regarding your case where they will give you advice on how to address your legal problems.

They are handling cases in a contingency basis, which means they only charge fees if they win your case. Price Benowitz aims to help people obtain the justice they deserve by offering full range of legal services to their respective clients. Its founding partner, David Benowitz spent 15 years of his career helping victims recover their looses through just and fair compensation. To widen his networks, he formed a team of expert investigators and attorneys who are ready to help those who come to their firm for help.



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