Gel fireplaces are a type of ventless fireplace meant to be used in homes or apartments that don't have a built in fireplace with a flume and chimney. They burn a clean burning gel from a canister in lieu of wood which makes them very environmentally friendly. They are accessible in a number of styles and may even dangle on your wall or be implanted into an existing wood fireplace. The fuel gel is formulated using an isopropyl alcohol base that has been treated to be slow burning and ecologically safe. A typical canister lasts about 2.5 to three hours before they must be changed. The thicker the gel, the longer it lasts. The thinner and faster burning gels will usually burn hotter and provide more heat to the room for a diminished period of time. Gel generates on average, about 3,000 BTUs each hour per canister. But each manufacturer of gel fireplaces is unique, and gel fireplaces on sale are very many. So you may need to try various brands to discover which works best for you. Most gel fireplaces aren't meant to heat a whole house, but they are best for individual rooms that you occupy often. Since gel fireplaces don't require a vent or chimney they're very moveable and can be moved from room to room. Gel fireplaces may also be bought as inserts to existing wood burning fireplaces. The gel fireplace inserts fits into the normal fireplace and needs little installation. This is a great remedy if you can no longer burn wood as an outcome of new city codes. The gel fireplace also crackles really like a real wood fire and many models, according to Ventless Fireplace Pros, come with ceramic logs for the physical appearance and feel of a traditional wood fireplace. Gel fireplaces are also deemed as decorative pieces. They are accessible in traditional styles with nice woodwork and mantels to metal to glass designs that can even hang on a wall. You could perhaps get one for every room if you want. So if you are out looking to buy electric fireplaces, consider gel fireplaces too,

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