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Kellis Parker

Kellis Parker page on the law school site

CLS means Critical Legal Studies - paper

William Kunstler

Charles Black


In his New York Times obituary, former student Akhil Amar commented, "He was my hero. So many of the great moral issues of the twentieth century seem clear in retrospect, but were quite controversial at the time. He had the moral courage to go against his race, his class, his social circle."

David Sive


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Other Disciplines

Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy

The Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy (CSCP) is a University Seminar dedicated to the advancement of projects that draw on both western and non-western philosophy. The CSCP meets monthly on the campus of Columbia University and occasionally hosts conferences.


Columbia University Science Fiction Society

"Science fiction has been part of Columbia University since Isaac Asimov graduated from the College with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1939," said Noah Fulmor, CC'99, curator of the new library that opened April 18 in 505A Lerner Hall. "Over the years, such SF titans as Robert Silverberg and Roger Zelazny would spend time here, giving Columbia one of the richest science fiction traditions of any university in the world."

Operated by the Columbia University Science Fiction Society, the collection will have 3,000 volumes of popular works as well as rare magazines dating to the 1940s. Non-circulating items will include a signed copy of Isaac Asimov's Second Foundation and an 1887 edition of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

"As far as we know, Earth and we humans with out dreams and ideas--embodied in our science and technology--are the spearhead of cosmic evolution," said Paul Levinson, president of the Science Fiction Writers of America, who spoke at the opening reception. "New York City and Manhattan in particular are clearly the gleaming tip of that spear. Columbia University is its cutting edge of thought. What better reason to have a science fiction library--presenting the best of that thought--at Columbia University in Manhattan?"





What is a CSA?




Grant Houses community garden project - link



Classical Music at Philosophy Hall

Word has gotten out about Lunchtime Concerts, the informal free performances of chamber works at the intimate reading room in Philosophy Hall on the Columbia University campus. The series, sponsored by the Miller Theater and Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, opened on Monday afternoon at 12:30 with the exciting young violinist Jennifer Koh playing Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D minor. And people started arriving up to 45 minutes before the program began to get a seat.




WikiCU is a wiki with articles related to Columbia University and its neighborhood. It is effectively an insider's guide to Columbia University. As an observant Bwog commenter notes, WikiCU is to an extent Columbia's "institutional memory"



1968 Protests



Columbia 1968 website


Fliers posted around the halls urged people to attend an all-day ''study-in,'' which began on the first floor at 10 A.M. and continued, after lunch, on the seventh floor, outside Dean Barbara A. Black's office, until about 6 P.M. In addition, 350 signatures were collected on a petition calling for assurance that the AIDS clinic would continue.

University officials said afterward that no decision had been made about the future of the clinic or the instructor who teaches it. The instructor, Mark Barnes, does not have tenure and students said it was unclear whether his contract would be renewed. Another professor, Deborah M. Greenberg, teaches the course with Mr. Barnes, but she may not continue to teach it next year, the director of clinical education, Harriet S. Rabb, told students last week.

Mr. Barnes refused to comment on his status. He added that he thought Columbia ought to continue the clinic whether he remained there or not. ''This law school and every other institution in New York has a responsibility and an obligation to the community in this epidemic,'' he said. ''It is disturbing that a law school like Columbia would close down this clinic in the middle of the crisis.''

-- DevinMcDougall - 10 Jul 2010



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