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The Best Solution For Slow Sites

Is your Wordpress site launching too slowly? If yes, then you need to read this. Search engines have, of late, been putting a lot more importance on the loading speed of web pages. In fact, Google has openly reported that they rank sites mainly on the loading speed of websites. So if your website is launching exceedingly slowly, maybe a Content Delivery Network will be your greatest help.

A Content Delivery Network, alternatively known as a CDN, is a network comprising many computers or servers that entail data. When you try to retrieve data from the network, the computer that is closest to your location will be utilized to serve up the data. This guarantees that all content desired loads quickly. It also blocks any bottle necks when many sites need content from the same server at the same time.

In addition, due to the fact your Wordpress site loads content from CDN servers, it minimizes the load from your own web server and results in increase in server performance. You also conserve on server space because files can be submitted to the CDN network.

Let us take a practical example to help you understand. Say you have a 5MB video file on your Wordpress site hosted in the US and nowhere else. This means that users from the US will enjoy the fastest download speeds. But visitors in far distance places, like South Africa or Australia, who try to download the same files will without-doubt experience a slower download speed. This is the very common download scenario.

In a cdn for wordpress or wordpress cdn plugin scenario, files can be duplicated across many servers in different locations. So users across the globe who try to download the files from your wordpress cdn will be accessing the files in the closest server thereby encountering much faster download speeds too.



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