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Various researchers have conducted researches investigating different aspects of diversity management. For instance Shen, D'Netto and Tang (2010) investigated the impact that diversity management has on the behavior and interactions of employees within an organization. In their research, the authors used primary data collection techniques where information was collected from 530 employees from different Chinese organizations. The outcome of their study indicated that indeed Human Resource Diversity Management Strategies impacted positively on the interactions and behaviors of employees. Their research also determined that equality and fairness when it comes to compensating a diverse workforce is one effective approach of motivating the workforce. Research has revealed that diversity management is increasingly becoming an integral part in the management of organizations. This is because in line with the aim of maximizing profit and minimizing costs, many organizations currently focus their strategies on targeting foreign market. There are various different aspects that can be investigated when it comes to diversity management. An example is that Li, Chu, Lam, and Liao (2011) investigated how age diversity impacts on the performance of an organization within emerging economies and also what impacts it has on human resource management practices.

The main management practices in Chinahave for a long time been based on authoritative styles of leadership. Most of the organizations within the region are hierarchical in nature and the top level management team is responsible for all decision making and strategy formulation. The management practices were profound to the extent that the workforce became accustomed to it.

With globalization, there has been an increase in the number of non-Chinese individuals within the region’s workforce. What is more is that there are several multicultural corporations that operate in the region and they engage in management practices that try to blend the differences in culture and management approaches of the foreign region where they are based and China. This is what fosters the growth in diversity management and makes this research paper relevant because it aims at exploring the strategies and practices of diversity management in Chinawith a focus on Wal-Mart in the market. Wal-Mart is an American incorporated company. The management practices in America are quite different from the ones that are adopted in China. This study illuminates on the company’s operations within the Chinese market thereby bridging the existing knowledge gap of the strategies and practices of diversity management in China. Many organizations currently have a diverse workforce making diversity management a common research topic. One of the regions that generate a lot of interests when it comes to studies of diversity management is China(Peterson & Soendergaard, 2012). This is because since Chinaopened up its doors to the world it has become one of the fastest rising economies in the globe (Tang, Jiang, Chen, Zhou, Chen, & Yu, 2015). The country has always been a conservative country and the current business dynamics are bringing about significant changes in the region, especially with regards to management practices. This study explores the strategy and practice of diversity management that is adopted by Wal-Mart within the Chinese market.

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