Law in the Internet Society

Law in the Internet Society

Professor Eben Moglen
Columbia Law School

My office hours are Thursday, 11 to 1:30, and Friday, 11-12:30, in JG642, and by appointment at other times. Please email me for an appointment, or consult my assistant, IanSullivan.


Introduction, Political Economy:
The Way We Live Now

Sociology, Economics, Legal Theory:
Grasping the Net

Copyright and Other Intellectual Improperty:
Anarchists, Authors, and Owners

Carriage Regulation:
Controlling the Switches

Privacy in Private and Public Law:
The State, The Spook, The Cop, Her Wife, and His Lover

Eyes Wide Shut:
Taboo Enforcement and the First Amendment

Making Broadcasters Unconstitutional:
Rethinking Media Law

Electronic Democracy:
Restructuring Politics

LawNetSoc Web Utilities


Webs Webs

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