Law in Contemporary Society
Law seemed to be the culmination of everything I was interested in. I have always been interested in the way society works: how people interact, how they set the rules for themselves, what values are highly regarded, why people act in certain way, and how the social norm differs from one community to the other. I could choose to study anthropology, or history, maybe even psychology. However, I knew that my attention span is not long enough for me to pursue Ph.D degree in any one subject. Plus, I wanted to do something practical with my career. Life as a scholar seemed too disconnected from the society to me (correct me if I'm wrong).

Thus, here I am, two and a half year shy of becoming a "lawyer." I must admit that I do not have a clear picture of what becoming a lawyer really means yet. But, I am enjoying my time here. so, for now, at least, I am a happy person.

-- YaeAhnPark - 18 Jan 2008



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