Law in Contemporary Society
I came across this story from NPR about a lost Malcolm X speech, which has recently been uncovered 50 years after it was given at Brown University. I think it is a reminder of our capacity to think rebelliously while pursuing an education at an Ivy League institution.

Kieran, could you begin by dealing with the mispelling in the topic name? You can do that by pressing the "Move" button top right, and then moving the topic to one that doesn't misspell the title. Then you could edit it the page and change its parent topic from SanjayMurtiIntro, which has nothing to do with it, to whatever topic you think it relevantly connects to. If there isn't one, parent it to WebHome, please.

These matters aside, the next useful revision would be to give the reader you are trying to interest the gist of the idea(s) you found in the speech, and something a little more specific by way of the idea those ideas generated in you.

-- KieranCoe - 05 Feb 2012


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