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-- By SuzanAbebe - 29 Jan 2015

I came to law school because a legal training from Columbia will provide me with mobility in society. I have seen how the power of proper advocacy can completely change lives. As an Ethiopian, there is a severe underrepresentation of people like me in the legal profession. This is particularly troubling in areas like the Washington DC metropolitan where Ethiopians have established ethnic enclaves. There are so many legally related issues that go neglected, ranging from immigration to family violence. As such, the end goal is to open up my own practice and fill the voids.

Do you want to practice in an "enclave"?

Do you mean the physical/real property of this practice? If not, I would want my practice to be inclusive of the group and even cater to the group, but by no means would it be limited to it either. I know legal issues cut across all ethnic/socio-economic/racial, etc. groups. But I also know, culturally, certain groups do not like to "air their dirty laundry" to outsiders, even when the results will prove catastrophic. So it's up to the new generation of kids who've had the privilege of growing up in the States, to never lose sight of the base/issues. I have no idea if I answered your question, but that's all I have for now, until or if you clarify.


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