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Statement On Final Grades

Fate has dealt us a tough hand. A week ago, just as I was fully recovered and returning to work, my younger brother suffered a septic infection that threatened his life. I have now spent days in the intensive care unit of his DC hospital, sitting by his bedside. He is presently out of danger, but still seriously ill. I have been working very ineffectively, and I cannot tell when that will change.

Those of you making the mistake of attending the Egregious Interview Program should consider asking your interviewers how their firm responds when an associate needs a week or ten days to deal with the hospitalization of a family member. You will find the answer enlightening, whatever it is.

My first priority now is to read the work and release grades for those who chose to delay their interim grade, so that no one's transcript will be incomplete "for EIP." I will try to give everyone some help in rewriting, but I don't know when the hours will be available. I will post information here when I have it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-- EbenMoglen - 3 Aug 2012


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