Law in Contemporary Society

I worked as an engineer and applied math researcher between college and law school. During that time, I spent several years working both for a government agency and as a graduate student on telecommunications system design. In one project that influenced my decision to attend law school, I worked on ways to increase the number of cell phones that could be accommodated in a given area (say, a city block) without causing undue service outages or interruptions. I was surprised to learn that innovative and needed technology sometimes sits on the shelf, or is never built, for various non-technical reasons. For example, the adoption of wireless technology is often stalled or delayed by the regulatory and policy concerns of government agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission. Looking forward, I am interested in using law and policy to influence technological innovation. I hope to study these issues in law school (and to improve my writing and presentation skills along the way).

-- SaswatMisra - 19 Jan 2010


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