Law in Contemporary Society
-- RorySkaggs - 14 Jan 2010

When I originally applied, I expected nothing from law school.

Law was one of the few subjects which piqued my interest enough to apply myself-- a good sign that I could make a career out of law that I found interesting. I also wanted a career with a sufficient probability that I would be able to financially care for my mom, other family and eventually my own family.

That being said, I viewed law school as a necessary evil and a prerequisite to what I really wanted to do-- practice law. While I understand that one cannot practice law without knowing the skills you learn in school, I still don't think law school needs to last three years or cost so much.

However, law school has already helped me in some ways which I did not expect. I came with no concept of what kind of law I wanted to practice, but those ideas are now beginning to develop. Thus, I now expect law school to show me what is possible so I at least know my options.


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