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I think the concept of a practice picket is fascinating! First, I want to say that I appreciate the insight you bring to our classroom discussions about organizing labor. If I sound totally clueless when I make a statement, it is probably because I am mostly clueless. I don't really know how I feel about unionization and look forward to taking employment law so that I might learn a thing or to and develop a responsible position.

With respect to your paper I think you do not spell out (maybe because it is an obvious implication), what I find to be the most powerful justification under your "potentially useful" section: that practice runs always make the real thing easier. With respect to no-strike, no-picket clauses, practice pickets seem to be a great way to start angling against management. Even better, practice pickets are perfect for the employee's potential apprehension about striking in the first place. As your story confirms, it seems a lot easier to hold up a sign and chant for your rights in front of your employers when you realize how easy/simple/non-aggressive it is to hold up a sign and chant in the first place.

I do not know how common practice pickets are, but it seems that they should be the norm, irrespective of whether workers are permitted to strike for the duration of their contracts.

-- NonaFarahnik - 18 Apr 2010

* blush * Thank you! And I appreciate your intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness. I'm looking forward to taking Employment Law too. Most of it will be new to me. I know a lot of labor law, but little employment law.

well that's nice because I don't even know the difference between the two

@Amanda, It was pretty interesting (and definitely a first, at least for me) to hear someone argue that a career in labor law litigation would seem more fulfilling than a career litigating FLSA or Title VII claims--if only for the fact that the NLRA is such a toothless, wrist-slapping regulation... Also, I can't believe its April 2010 and still no EFCA...

-- JoshuaHochman - 21 Apr 2010


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