Law in Contemporary Society
I came to law school to learn the practical skills required to promote justice.

Like many of my colleagues, I am intellectually curious about a myriad of topics. This curiosity has the benefit of making boredom a rare thing, but has also resulted in something that could hardly be called a "straight" path to law school. Math has always been one of my greatest strengths and so I began college as a math major; although this kept my mind stimulated, I found myself increasingly wanting to study something that had more of a human element. I moved to economics, as it appeared to offer a way to address the world’s problems in quantitative terms. But increasingly I found its underlying assumptions problematic, and so for my second degree, I switched to philosophy, so that I could learn about justice. Learning philosophy helped me understand justice on a conceptual level, but I eventually tired of theoretical inquiry, and decided that I needed practical skills to actually promote justice, which I am now (at least in theory) learning at law school.

-- OmarHaroun - 21 Jan 2009



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