Law in Contemporary Society
-- JessicaCohen - 19 Feb 2010 Maybe because of Eben's use of music-as-inspiration, I often find that other songs pop into my head in class. This week it was two Kinks songs, in particular. I used to listen to the Kinks a lot in high school and in some ways feel that I was my most self-reflective and pensive as a 16 year old. Here's they are:

Village Green Preservation Society is one of my favorite songs. It's pretty obvious from the lyrics what it's about, and some of its message rings true for our class. This Time Tomorrow came into my head when I felt wholly lost about my future but still hopeful.

I don't know if anyone else has had this happen or if any other songs capture how the class makes you feel. But it would be really cool for other people to post links on this page. I (for one) would find it interesting to see what other songs make our heads spin...

It's not much of a stretch, but from Thursday:

"In Anticipation of Your Suicide" - Bedroom Walls

The song is short, so i can reproduce the lyrics here:

Your heart is always almost beating,
along with windy, frozen tunes
But you say you've laughed enough,
your closet's stuffed with last year's blues
But you know, by summertime
your suicide's just last year's news

What will we find inside of your room?
Notes in the margins, records always spinning clues,
you know you want us all to know
your little soul grew old too soon
And surprises lost their thrill,
the cut and pills and the Marquee Moon

I know there are many songs about suicide, but this one doesn't follow the familiar thematic route of sad story sympathy. It is much more detached than sympathetic. This is how I felt reading Stack's letter.

-- JoshuaHochman - 01 Mar 2010

This isn't a connection to the material we've covered, but it's a great song that reminds me of some of the music we've heard in class:

Billie Holiday - I Hear Music

-- DanKarmel - 01 Mar 2010

This song reminds me of Eben's constant reminder to us that it's ok that we're all a mix of selves and confused by our complexity at this point in our lives.

I myself have found a real rival in myself/ I am hoping for a re-arrival of my health

-- JessicaCohen - 17 Apr 2010

Also. I might as well share my favorite song with whomever is reading this. It's kind of personal to me - that feeling of protectiveness we get about our favorite books - but considering it's been stuck in my head on and off for 6 years - and relates to the Mitochondrial eve it is:

A dreaded sunny day So I meet you at the cemetry gates Keats and Yeats are on your side A dreaded sunny day So I meet you at the cemetry gates Keats and Yeats are on your side While Wilde is on mine

So we go inside and we gravely read the stones All those people, all those lives Where are they now ? With loves, and hates And passions just like mine They were born And then they lived And then they died It seems so unfair I want to cry

comes with a bizarre accompanying video. don't mind that.

-- JessicaCohen

The Black Keys - So He Won't Break. Makes me think about our Joe Stack discussion.

-- DanKarmel - 20 Apr 2010

When I'm swamped with work, my playlists are usually filled with post-rock and movie scores- anything epic to get me through the outlining. One of my favorite albums from last year was released by an Irish instrumental rock group, called And So I Watch You From Afar. Usually mis-labeled as a post-rock (just because they don't have a singer), the songs are actually much more up-tempo, integrating many elements from other genres. Obviously, I have no lyrics to quote that relate to our class, but two song titles seem to fit:

A Little Solidarity Goes a Long Way (this one's actually my favorite from the album...)
Don't Waste Time Doing Things You Hate

-- JoshuaHochman - 20 Apr 2010

Eben's rhetoric (class warfare) + today's class (split personalities) + especially today's EIP thingy reminds me of a song called Facade from a musical I acted in while in high school, Jekyll and Hyde. I feel it sums up many aspects of this course nicely. I originally had the lyrics here, but they are too long to keep them all here:

At the end of the day,
They don't mean what they say,
They don't say what they mean,
They don't ever come clean -
And the answer -
Is it's all a facade!

Also, one more song that pretty much sums up how I felt about Veblen: Pussy and Money -- the Dictators.


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