Law in Contemporary Society
I came to law school to expand the movement for problem-solving community justice in criminal law. I hope to emerge from law school with not only the tools to do this, but also the confidence that my success cannot be reduced to a four-digit number of billable hours on a timesheet. I believe in the research that shows community courts to be more effective at a lower cost than traditional courts, and hope I can persuade society, in bits and pieces and over decades, to accept a working model of justice over a largely reactionary one.

-- MolissaFarber - 14 Jan 2009

You might be interested in: [url][/url] if you don't already know about it.

-- MichaelDignan - 15 Jan 2009

I guess I don't know how to hyperlink in the comments.

-- MichaelDignan - 15 Jan 2009

Thanks, Michael, that's really interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of situationism before. I'm doubtful that any discipline or school of thought can actually establish an accurate "picture of the human animal," but I'll have to read more about this.

To make a hyperlink, use this, but take out the "..."s (I put them in so the wiki won't hyperlink (hopefully):

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-- MolissaFarber - 16 Jan 2009

And to make a normal wiki link in Twiki you use two sets of brackets, one around the [link] and the [title] and another around the pair. So, something like [[link][title]]

-- IanSullivan - 22 Jan 2009



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