Law in Contemporary Society
I often say that law can be a barrier and a bridge (I'm sure some said it first and better). Perhaps one of the major connecting themes in my experiences (academically, professionally and otherwise) has been about confronting the former. Working with women serving life terms in Michigan, Dalit women working for social change, homeless and runaway youth and survivors of sexual assault I have seen a slice of the massive barrier the law can be-- as well as the immense agency and change it can bring. I hope to work towards the latter. As of right now, I would love to work in an intersection of human rights law and entertainment/media law--maybe it's really IP?. In my dreams I'd work with independent writers, artists or film-makers producing material working towards change as I see a strong connection between creative voices and social movements. Whether this exists, can be created or could result in some sort of livelihood is something altogether unknown to me. As with most everyone else here, I'm open and curious about my possibilities in the law.

-- MiaWhite - 24 Jan 2008



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