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This man educated himself on the relevant law and now sues his debt collectors for violation of the statutes. On the one hand, there is a philosophy that would say that even if you feel the system has wronged you, you should continue to pay on your obligation anyway. On the other hand, Americans have always admired scrappy underdogs and this guy doesn't seem to be doing anything illegal.

-- JonathanWaisnor - 21 Jan 2010 In a similar vein but from the opposing side, this article attempts to portray the banks as requiring too much collateral. It places all its sympathy with the rich, particularly with the guy who games the tax system but is then hoisted by his own petard. It also contains an interesting fact - the delinquency rate for loans of $1M+ is double that of loans for less than $250k.

-- StephenSevero


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