Law in Contemporary Society
I decided to go to law school for several reasons, some practical and some more philosophical. From a practical standpoint, my children have cleared the nest, my husband has been not only 100% supportive, but also encouraging, and I am presumably still young enough to turn this investment into a career. Consequently, at 40-something, I realized I had the time, freedom, and support to try something new. Then again, law is not really new to me. I've watched my husband's private practice career of 20-plus years, and I realize that if he can still be as excited as he is about his career (from the technical side to marketing, mentoring, and client relationships), and I can look with positive anticipation to doing something similar, then I'm counting on the next 2-1/2 years to be more than just financially worth it.

-- BarbPitman - 16 Jan 2008



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