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Extreme Porn

The extreme porn provisions of the new Criminal Justice and Immigration Act in the UK, are overly broad, regressive, and the typical of any knee-jerk reaction to an unfortunate tragedy.

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The Criminal Just and Immigration Act 2008




Further Reading

Chris Summers, When Does Kinky Porn Become Illegal?, BBC News, Apr. 28 2008

Backlash – Uphold the Human Rights Act (Opposition Group)

Hansard Online – Official Reports of Debates in the UK Parliament

EFF – Why the ACLU Opposes Censorship of Pornography

The Register – Lords Linger Over Extreme Porn Definition, May 5 2008

Tania Branigan, The Guardian, Violent Porn Ban a ‘Memorial To My Daughter’, Aug. 31 2006

R v. Brown (1994) 1 A.C. 212 (House of Lords holds 3:2 that consent was no defence to a charge of occasioning actual bodily harm), New Law Will Criminalise Possession of Extreme Porn, Feb. 7 2007)

The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008

Chris Summers, Extreme Porn Proposals Spark Row, BBC News, July 4 2007


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