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This topic is a container for notes of our class meetings. Sign up for taking notes by adding your name to the chart. Be sureyour classnotes pages have this ClassNotes2008And2009 page as their parent, that will make them appear automatically in the list of old notes.

Old Notes

Note signup

TITLE DATE Class may send reminder emails to...
Classnotes16Jan2009 Jan 16, 2009 RickSchwartz - 19 Jan 2009  
Classnotes23Jan2009 Jan 23, 2009    
Classnotes30Jan2009 Jan 30, 2009    
Classnotes6Feb2009 Feb 6, 2009    
Classnotes13Feb2009 Feb 13, 2009    
Classnotes20Feb2009 Feb 20, 2009    
Classnotes27Feb2009? Feb 27, 2009    
Classnotes3Mar2009? Mar 3, 2009    
Classnotes10Mar2009? Mar 10, 2009    
Classnotes17Mar2009? Mar 17, 2009    
Classnotes24Mar2009? Mar 24, 2009    


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