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In class I find myself jotting down notes to look up later; I thought perhaps one or two of you would find some of these things I've found interesting – I know I have. Obviously everyone could find these for themselves, but I thought it might be good to start sharing curiosities and interesting supplemental information/links.

How to make a barrel

Fence Viewer - (mentioned in discussion of New England Calvinist society)

Wikipedia on sugar cultivation in the “new world”: Sugar Cultivation Wikipedia

A NPS (Nat’l Parks Service) article on early Virginia tobacco cultivation and, nearer the end, processing: NPS Tobacco Article

The etymology of Philadelphia, mentioned 10/1, from "city in Pennsylvania, U.S., from Gk., taken by William Penn to mean lit. "brotherly love," from philos "loving" + adelphos "brother" (see Adelphi). Also the name recalls that of the ancient city in Lydia, mentioned in the N.T., which was so called in honor of Attalos II Philadelphos, 2c B.C.E. king of Pergamon, who founded it. His title is said to have meant "loving the brethren.""

-- AndrewMcCormick - 18 Sep 2009

Very much in Andrew's spirit of odds-and-ends curiosity, I wanted to mention that I've recently visited the Museum of the City of New York, on E 103rd St. They have two fascinating exhibitions on at the moment, one about the arrival of the Dutch, and one called Mannahatta, the natural history of NY before European arrival. Oh, and entry is free with your Columbia student card:

-- EmilyByrne - 22 Sep 2009

UNITED STATES v. SALERNO, 481 U.S. 739 (1987). Scroll down for Marshall's dissent.

-- AlexLawrence - 02 Oct 2009

Toussaint Louverture

-- AlexLawrence - 08 Oct 2009

Francis Parkman

-- AndrewMcCormick - 09 Oct 2009

The Library of Congress has a number of historical documents archived through the American Memory project at I thought other people might find it useful or interesting (even just in terms of the categories that have been covered versus what hasn't been). Their main George Washington section is here, I think:

-- KeikoHayakawa - 15 Oct 2009

here's a nice map of the Missouri River Basin: Missouri-River-Basin.jpg

-- AndrewMcCormick - 15 Oct 2009

Hannah Arendt on the Founding Fathers
(What it lacks in relevance, it makes up for in interesting-ness.)

-- JuliaS - 25 Oct 2009

Lincoln's First Inagural Address at Library of Congress

-- AndrewMcCormick - 6 Nov 2009

latin phrase from 11/6: Inter arma enim silent leges

-- AndrewMcCormick - 06 Nov 2009

An interesting webpage on 'railroad watches' with lots of nice primary documents: Railroad Watches

-- AndrewMcCormick - 12 Nov 2009

Chauncey Wright's Wikipedia Entry: Chauncey Right His book, "Philosophical Discussions", with a short biography: Philisophical Discussions His letters, with another short biography: Letters

Dulce et Decorum Est

-- AndrewMcCormick - 13 Nov 2009

Interested in the imperial history of the English language and how words like "boondocks" have been appropriated/ syncretized into American idiom, also our discussion of "Iroquois" nomenclature from earlier in semester/ way (proto) Americans named things. Found this chapter on lexical interchange from book.

-- AndrewKerr - 19 Nov 2009

railroad maps in late 19th century america:; e.g.

-- AndrewKerr - 19 Nov 2009

A online multimedia site on Basque sheep herding in Nevada; articles and ebooks linked. Basque Nevada -- UNR

-- AndrewMcCormick? .

a gallery of Walker Evans photographs

-- AndrewMcCormick - 04 Dec 2009



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