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Hi Everyone. Here is my page thus far:

I am focusing on early (1600s-1920 or so) firearms regulations in New York State (and colony). I still need to try to beef this article as f you can see, so any interest in specific areas or questions would be appreciated.

-- SabinoCasella - 29 Nov 2011

Sabino, as you are no doubt aware, this article was rejected by Wikipedia's editors, who want your edits to be moved in to the article on "Gun Laws in New York." You should first make those changes, which will involve incorporating your sources into the text of that article. You can seek David Goodman's help with the Wikipedia-specific elements of that task, but it should not take too long. Then we need the non-Wikipedia portion of that process to occur in our wiki. Given the long time span you've given yourself, from the early 18th century to the Sullivan Act, there are a number of possible forms your non-Wikipedia materials could take. We should discuss your intentions soon, and bring the project to conclusion before spring break.



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