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I thought I'd post my draft article for the Wikipedia part of our project here (attached Word document) for any feedback, ideas, etc. At this point, I'm thinking of having this be a new article on the interplay of racial/labor issues among the waterfront workers in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century. It might be referenced on another page on New Orleans or Louisiana labor history with a quick blurb and a link to this separate article, or maybe something different depending on how the Wikipedia people think it might work best.

I think I'll likely have to cut down some of the footnote references/citations to a more general form, maybe combining some of them. Ideas on this are very welcome.

-- RitaTrivedi - 31 Oct 2011

I haven't fully read your draft yet, Rita. But I think if you put this up in non-doc format (or at least not docx), it'd be easier to get input.

Just looking to the size though, I'm wondering how big others' projects are looking. At 3,500 words and 60 footnotes, this seems an intimidating amount of work: both for me in creating my draft and for me as your reader. As I'm throwing together my outline, I'm wondering where to draw that line between detail and simplification.

-- StephenSevero - 01 Nov 2011



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r2 - 01 Nov 2011 - 13:56:04 - StephenSevero
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