American Legal History
DECEMBER 9, 2011 NOTE: I've added the latest version of the project as another Word document attachment to this page. This version has a bit more in the way of educated-surmises throughout, thinking of what might have been the motivations of the parties given their actions. Again, all responses/critiques welcome.


I've deleted the existing old text here as my revisions progressed over the past couple of days. The latest version of my draft text for the project is attached as a Word document (largely because I have footnote markers for which newspaper article various quotes or comments come from and they aren't showing up on the TWiki if I put it directly here). I've tried to break down the strike by issue (i.e., causes/issues, resolution, internal divisions, etc.) as I go through the newspaper coverage from the New Orleans Times-Picayune as a way to better present the issues and information that the newspaper documents convey. The project is in a pseudo-newspaper reporting style itself by way of background.

What are now footnotes will ultimately become internal links to PDFs of the various articles I put on the TWiki, but for now they are there as traditional references. I'm trying to determine if the reader/project would be better served if I did fewer specific documentation and more general links. At the same time, I'm struggling with the fact that because I've broken the strike down by issue (and then chronologically within the issues), the references/quotations from the articles leap about a bit rather than marching through the articles one exhibit at a time. Since some articles illustrate/are chosen for more than one issue, there are repeats references/directions etc. Resolutions?

I also think the project text might be cut down a bit in length... ideas on what might be on the proverbial chopping block would be appreciated.

As always, please share ideas/critiques/suggestions, I'm happy to hear it all.



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