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I've put the 'final' version of my class project at RitaTrivediDockworkersProjectForClassFinal. The PDFs of my sources are available attachments to that new page. Unfortunately, I am still having trouble getting the footnotes of my project to appear on the page as they do in the Word document and doing the internal links to the PDFs. So I am putting the text of the project into the page directly for viewing, and also uploading the text as a PDF document with the footnotes available (referring to the various primary source PDFs). If anyone knows how to get this all to fit together from the technical viewpoint, please let me know.

I've added several PDF articles from the New Orleans Picayune attached to RitaTrivediDockworkersProjectForClassPossiblePDFs. Right now, there are about 3 PDFs from each stage of the dockworkers' 1907 general strike (beginning, middle, and end). At this point I'm thinking of having all of them attached to the final project for the reader to consider, and structuring the project as a pseudo-newspaper style venture with setting out the story/issues in the strike with some quotes etc. from the newspaper articles and references to those articles. The references would ultimately become internal links for the reader taking him/her to the proper attached PDF.

The current draft of my project can be found as a Word document attachment at RitaTrivediDockworkersProjectForClassDrafts. Comments welcome.

-- RitaTrivedi - 3 Dec 2011



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