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I've added several PDF articles from the New Orleans Picayune attached to RitaTrivediDockworkersProjectForClassPossiblePDFs. Right now, there are about 3 PDFs from each stage of the dockworkers' 1907 general strike (beginning, middle, and end). At this point I'm thinking of having all of them attached to the final project for the reader to consider, but using maybe 1 or 2 from each stage to actually put in the project's 'glass case' and focusing the discussion on those. This may change though!

A very rough start to my project is at RitaTrivediDockworkersProjectForClassDrafts. I've tried to include some of the primary issues in the general strike in the sketch to give a skeleton structure to this. Lots more to be added, but it's something to go on. Comments welcome.

-- RitaTrivedi - 28 Nov 2011



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