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I have attached the full versions of the sources which I put up in sample recently.

The first three are all variations on the same idea, being different Collectively Bargained Agreements entered into by the Teamsters, and reported as required under Landrum-Griffin.

The first of these is the Automotive Chauffeurs, Parts, and Garage Employees, Local No. 926 from 1960. The second is St. Clair-Madison Counties Automotive Dealers and Parts Dealers, also 1960. The third is with the Peter Eckrich & Sons company and the Teamsters in 1961. I find it useful to see what is reported under the deal, as required - including wages, time off, grievances, and the like - and what is not, such as the Pension programs which I discussed in my wiki project, the absence of which fostered the corruption of the Teamsters and other union leadership in the coming decades.

The final document is a 1969 piece published by the Teamsters entitled "Collective Bargaining Is Not Enough", which attacks the tax structure and inflation levels of the time and their effects on union workers. The document is largely a circuitous argument, saying that tax levels should adjust to union workers relative to inflation, so that the effect of their 'tax bite' is not amplified. It is a curious read, however, as it neither offers any methods to achieving such a goal, nor purports to offer any leadership assistance on behalf of the union body.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions you may have on these documents or my project.


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pdf StClairAuto1962.pdf props, move 5037.4 K 24 Dec 2011 - 02:52 MatthewAmsterdam St. Clair-Madison 1960
pdf TireAgreement1960.pdf props, move 2375.9 K 24 Dec 2011 - 02:51 MatthewAmsterdam Tire Agreement, 1960
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