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Here is my first batch of documents. Sorry that they're attached into one file. I'll split it up accordingly.

It is a selection of material from various Collectively Bargained Agreements, primarily between the Teamsters and various union employers. The intention is to show the sort of deal being negotiated, as well as the nature of the reporting of such deals as required under Landrum-Griffin.

More similar material to follow, as well as better formatting and split files by original document.

Please let me know what you think.


-- MatthewAmsterdam - 09 Dec 2011

I'm sorry, something went wrong the first time I tried to comment, not sure what. Let me try again, and I'm sorry if my attempt to comment messed up something in your original post.

Couple questions regarding the scope of your project, just to try and understand:

(1) When you say the sort of deal being negotiated, are you thinking a contrast between CBAs done before and CBAs done after LMRDA? Or the sort of deal in general between employers and unions?

(2) Are you looking more at the internal union governance side of LMRDA, or the part that affects existing law with respect to hot-cargo, secondary boycotts, etc? Or both?

I'm interested in seeing more, from whatever angle you choose. Can you speak a little bit to why you chose the CBA provisions that you did? I see some on recognition, some on discipline, grievance/arbitration, some on union liability.... It might be interesting to see how CBAs incorporated the new law in terms of the hole that they left (or did not leave) for various types of union demonstrations, union complaint mechanisms - and union liability if members went off and engaged in the prohibited conduct anyway. Do you have access to internal union membership documents/rules? That could also be really interesting to look at - how the LRMDA changed the way that union leaders communicated with members and the "rules" that they set down in order to comply with the law and make sure they did not get called out by employers. I'm sure you have a clear sense of the project, so forgive me if I'm reading it in a way you did not intend.

At any rate, I'm really looking forward to seeing more.

-- RitaTrivedi - 09 Dec 2011



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