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Detailed Documentation

Read the Mishoo documentation or visit the demo page.
This package provides a renderFormFieldForEditHandler that could be invoked by a plugin to ensure that forms use the Mishoo JSCalendar for editing.
 This package also includes a small Perl module to make using the calendar easier from TWiki plugins. This module includes the function:
addHEAD( $setup )
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  • Make sure that all files are readable by the web server user
  • An administrator can customize the appearance of the calendar by setting the following in LocalSite.cfg
    Setting Default
    $TWiki::cfg{JSCalendarContrib}{style} 'blue'
    $TWiki::cfg{JSCalendarContrib}{lang} 'en'
    $TWiki::cfg{JSCalendarContrib}{format} '%e %b %Y'

Contrib Info

Author: TWiki:Main/CrawfordCurrie http://www.c-dot.co.uk
Version: 10613 of the Mishoo calendar
Version: 11704 of the Mishoo calendar
Copyright ©: See the Mishoo documentation
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
Dependencies: None
Change History:  
11594 Allow format to be configured.
11415 Add a renderFormFieldForEditHandler so other plugins can forward to this handler to add the date field to the TWikiForms. (TWiki:Main.ThomasWeigert)
10247 Item2054 put the calendar at z-index 2000, way above pattern skin divs.
6634 Item453 removed EditTablePlugins private copy of the Mishoo JS calendar, and made sure it works with JSCalendarContrib. Improved the documentation of the JSCalendar while I was there.
6626 Item468 updated docs for Dakar release

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