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Freedom In The Cloud

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 I can imagine long-throwing technology connecting metro area to metro area (even smaller towns), but people in "rural areas" total nearly 60,000,000 according to the 2010 Census. Even if half of those "rural areas" are clustered enough to have local mesh networks connected by long-throwing tech, that's still nearly 30,000,000 people unserved by wireless mesh network technology.

-- MatthewCollins - 06 Nov 2012


I have a few questions based on your talk:

1. Is there a reason why there has to be a physical box where the FreedomBox image file is stored? Shouldn't there be a way of installing it as a program on your computer/phone/etc that would make it work the same way, or is there some technical concept about servers that I don't understand that makes the physical device necessary?

2. I noticed on the FreedomBox website that you mentioned including features of Adblock Plus in the software release. I've been using ABP for a while now, and I love it. However, I've noticed that some websites that depend on advertising revenue and user activity tracking have implemented certain measures to force users to disable ABP (e.g. Hulu, and ESPN for a while until the last ABP update). Have you thought about the backlash from websites like this? Will the response simply be to release updates that find ways to hack around these websites' requirements?

3. What do you think the effect will be on the "free services" industry? (i.e. companies that offer free content but make money selling "targeted" advertising) Will they just vanish, or will they be forced to switch to a business model where users will have to pay a monthly fee. On a related note, what do you see as a realistic percentage of internet users who will choose to use FreedomBox within 5 years of launch?

-- JasonPyke - 08 Nov 2012


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