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Freedom In The Cloud

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-- JohnStewart - 06 Nov 2012


I'm interested in how freedom box technology handles long-distance/rural communication between devices. I understand mesh networking working well in urban areas; with just slightly more-powerful wireless technology than in $20 routers I could envision the entire tri-state area networked without a central ISP. But of course America (let alone the rest of the world) isn't settled so densely throughout. I can imagine long-throwing technology connecting metro area to metro area (even smaller towns), but people in "rural areas" total nearly 60,000,000 according to the 2010 Census. Even if half of those "rural areas" are clustered enough to have local mesh networks connected by long-throwing tech, that's still nearly 30,000,000 people unserved by wireless mesh network technology.

-- MatthewCollins - 06 Nov 2012


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