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Freedom In The Cloud

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 Thank you.

-- AdithyaMani - 04 Nov 2012


You seem to indicate that the "cloud," as it is commonly referred to, is nothing new. You seem to hint that it is only an alteration of the already dominant client-server system, as opposed to peer-to-peer. Do you mean that your data is just as or more accessible in the cloud as it was already?

You additionally said the cloud does represent a minor alteration to this client-server system. Could you identify specifically what this minor alteration is? You mention that the cloud represents a shift of servers being virtual -- is that this minor alteration (i.e. that in the "cloud" servers are virtual as opposed to physical)?

Also, you mention that platform providers (such as Microsoft) are in "total control." Could you elaborate more on what the danger's of using these Microsoft platform's are? I re-played the part thereafter concerning "services," but was a bit lost on what you meant, and couldn't figure out the connection between platforms provided and the services tied with them, and the dangers therein.

Thank you.

-- MatthewGriffinCashia - 05 Nov 2012


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