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Freedom In The Cloud

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 Hi- I am not sure if my previous comment uploaded (betraying my lack of technical skill) and so this is attempt two! I was interested in reading and hearing about the Freedom Box after listening to the speech 'Freedom In the Cloud'. I had not heard about the Freedom Box before and so I am interested in hearing more in class, or through this online discussion, on how the project is going. This may be a dumb question, but I could not tell from the website and the CBS news segment whether the Freedom Box is currently for sale, being distributed etc and exactly what it can do so far in terms of dreaded 'platforms' and software. Does the freedom box work within the Apple 'walled garden', which would clearly be desirable? I am also interested in hearing from you, Professor, whether there has been any reaction to the Freedom Box work from the US government. Thanks, Gillian

-- GillianWhite - 03 Nov 2012


I have a question about how in theory, searching is done in the Freedom Box. Is it contemplated that each Freedom Box will continuously scanning the whole net and storing all webpages it see? What would be the aggregated effect of billions of Freedom Boxes are scanning the whole net at the same time? Thanks, Shimeng.

-- ShimengCheng - 04 Nov 2012


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