Computers, Privacy & the Constitution

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Video Games as Advertisers' Haven (DRAFT)
  Many believe advertisement bombardment in media will grow to a point that ad-evading measures taken by audiences will end advertising altogether. The truth, however, is that as long as product manufacturers are willing to invest money to get products in front of new eyes, advertising in media will remain. (FN1). What will change is the significance of the actual ad to all parties involved -- manufacturer, content provider, and listener. Product manufacturers of yore concentrated on producing a good product, hoping for endorsement by a content provider that attracted many eyes. The product manufacturer is gaining power, however, as his advertising dollars are valued by any content provider that can get them. Content providers are increasingly dependent upon the ad and it’s revenues to produce and capture eyes. For the consumer, the role of the ad is changing from simply a device to inform the consumer of new/useful/ products to consider, to a necessary consequence -- evil or good -- of receiving content. These trends will continue to solidify the place of advertising in our media.

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